martedì 8 marzo 2016


by  Sandro D.  Fossemò

Dazzling rays of light
they pierce the leaves
and sparkle on the streams.

The air,
that was gray,
now he smiles,
he smiles brightly!

I hear immortal music
of a warm breeze.
That hot heat
breathes sweet
on earth and penetrates
to the roots of the forest.

The beat of your heart
pushes love
in the veins of a stem
healthy and lush.

Your breath,
to the expiration of the wind,
pours aroma
on moss and oak.

Your look
full of light
light up the branches,
where I see the lively
dance of the green foliage.

On the waves
of a clear pond,
along with the squirrels,
I feel nature rejoice.

In the animated forest,
we cry to heaven:
 Yeshua lives!

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