giovedì 5 marzo 2020

Halloween Night

by  Sandro D. Fossemò 
Translated by Luca Palantrani

The dead await in silence
the Hell's party! ...

The Midnight
follows thrilled,
in the city of dream.

The pumpkins flash
in the dark,
in cobwebs
and crystals of light.

My dear demonic night,
come to show
the cruel masks
of the soul! ...

The Cathedrals sleep
across old stones.

Orchestres of ghosts
dance in cemeteries.

Synthetic vampires
wander in towers

Dazzling ponds
lurk on the ground,
like mirrors
for skulls.

The shadow of the witch
roams furtively,
in the digital dark.

Full moon
is a charming bulb,
lit by devil!...

Skeletons lead
ducal coaches,
on roads cursed
by black cats.

Beloved night! ...
You who are magical,
you who are eternal,
enchant the automata,
under your mantle of stars...
Now or never more!

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