domenica 1 marzo 2020

Night Rain

by Sandro D. Fossemò

(Translated from Italian to English)

The tower clock
strikes midnight,
in a wind strong enough to chase
the shadows from the walls.
The moon’s bright crescent
pierces the black clouds.
The cold rain pours down
Water rushes
from the roofs.
Age-old lightning 
tears the shadows.
Comet trails 
on the wet road.
An orchestra of stars
lights up the bell’s song.
It shines happy and festive ...
Someone is pounding at the roofs 
and the windows. 
Something wild is ringing
in the darkness.
It is Orpheus strumming his lyre
in the tumult of the storm.
The water symphony
screams in the air and freezes the blood...
What joy to be immersed
in the rain,
when it suddenly shatters 
the silence of the night!
What joy the thunder’s havoc
in the infinite drumming
of the rain!
Bats are sleeping 
in the ruins of abandoned houses.
Vampires hidden in
a fulminous sky
that lights up the abyss.
It is raining on the window 
of my castle,
where my heart beats
in the immensity of the night ...
Rain is pouring down
on the lights, in the marvellous darkness,
where the smell of blood reigns.


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