mercoledì 19 febbraio 2020

A Toast At Dawn

by Sandro D. Fossemò

(Translated from Italian to English)

In an ancient village,
the statues and chapels
are steeped in snow.
In that white desert
blossoms a red rose.
An icy wind blows
between the walls of houses.
A star sparkles
far away,
below the path of a helicopter
vanishing on the grey horizon.

The Christmas Tree
guards like planets
the glittering coloured baubles...
reflecting the light
from behind the branches,
in the silence of shadows.

A plaster angel
plays the flute,
wrapped in the wreath
where the notes vibrate.
From up there it hears
my wishes,
with the cheerful chimes
of the carillon.
It's a sublime sound
that merges my soul
with the Universe.

There is no snowflake
that does not fall on the heart!
Nor any star that
does not light up the heart!
It is wonderful to experience
life now and forever more,
during the fine festivities
of New Year's Eve...

From the cosmic dance
of the firmament,
the comets will return 
to visit our dreams.
We will travel in those
light trails,
for that is where we were born.

The snow crystals
will shine in the air
like diamonds,
when the rays of light
sparkle on the surface
of the glass,
during my toast at the dawn
of the new millennium.

Yes, I know full well...
God will drink a toast with me
to the sound of the bells!



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