giovedì 27 febbraio 2020

Wings in the Night

by Sanrdo D.  Fossemò

(Translated from Italian to English)

The noble mantle of the night
envelops the moon,
shining behind the black wings
of a bat.

The demon has sensed
the smell of blood
from the depths of the cave.

The wind blows between gloomy pines,
driven into the immense sky.

The spectral light of a motorbike
illuminates the pond,
at the foot of the white rock.

My dear bat...
guide me through the darkness,
where I can warm myself
in the abyssal dark.

From the darkened window
of my farm
I enjoy the night,
in the light of a candle!

In this magical eternity
I will not fear daylight,
because before dawn
I will dissolve in the fog.

Among those fatal wings
I want to see
the splendour of the stars.
Allow me to fly above
the charming peaceful countryside.
Let the wind dry my tears.

My dear bat...
come and drink the blood of my heart
and feed on the sleep of mankind!

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