mercoledì 26 febbraio 2020


by Sandro D. Fossemò

                                                 (Translated from Italian to English)

I felt the pangs for blood.
At midnight,
in nocturnal Transylvania,
I rose from the tomb.

In the gloom
of my castle
I spread my black cloak
and took nefarious flight
in the dark and starry sky.

I spied the town
with its vain and solitary lights
blinking in the cold night.

How I then loathed
that electrical,
mechanical sight!
There was no blood
in the veins of those automatons.
I hung alone in that void
and in that death.

In fury I flapped
the dusky cloak!
I flew away, with haste,
towards a distant
and solitary moon,
warm and burning bright.

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