giovedì 20 febbraio 2020

Christmas Visions

by Sandro D. Fossemò 

                                                       (Translated from Italian to English)

The windows of a cathedral
light up with beautiful iridescent colours,
like the wings of the soul.

The tinkling of silver bells
turn the stars ephemeral.
The mountains smile to the tune
of those golden notes.
The chimes free the sound
from time and purify the heart.
The symphony casts out illusions.

Sharp icicles turn ivory white
like canine teeth,
in the gleam of a red candle.
The flame flickers gently
in a whispering black breeze.
The moon, looking on, enchants
the glow of the fire,
immersed in the melody of the cosmos.

The blue ocean of the night
envelops the peaks and vales.
The emerald green waves
of the Northern Lights
break on the pale stone,
with a chant resounding
down to the pearls of snow.

A lantern shines bright
on the surface of the ice,
immersing us
in a magical glare.

The reflections of crystal balls
paint new worlds
on the windows of the city.
Alternative planets orbit
in our dreams.
We are jugglers.

The crib is false but those lights
that pulse in the dark... are real...
and shine forever more!



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