sabato 29 febbraio 2020

An Icy Kiss

by Sanrdo D. Fossemò

(Translated from Italian to English)

In the dungeons
of the abandoned castle,
my eternal companion 
is pierced by a freezing,
 penetrating cold.
That damned soul
hopes to escape through a passage
in the hidden stone,
between leaves and thorny branches 
that cling to 
old decaying walls,
under a dark sky.
I caress her gracious face and feel
tears of suffering trickling 
along my long pointed maleficent nails
where delicious death reigns.
Her ivory arms
tremble under my cloak 
and hold me close 
to her delightful body,
embraced by an ebony silk dress.
My teeth sink into her white breast
a fatal bite.
In the torment of the ice,
I warm and I feed 
on fiery red wine.
In the dark room of the tower,
amongst the spectres of ancient candles,
my presence incumbent 
like a wingèd demon
in the icy darkness,
immersed in a passion of shadows.
On that snowy night,
poison flows through her veins
straight to the heart,
weakening even 
the disquieting pulse of love...

A torch set in the cobwebs
illuminates with arcane light 
a damp red rose,
fallen next to a skull
below a glass painting
depicting the gods of the underworld.
In that divine piece
inhabits the hereafter a female face,
with sky-blue eyes
and blood-stained lips.
It is the mirror submerged 
in timeless dark,
of a vampiress with a menacing gaze.


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